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International Communist League
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English Spartacist and Women and Revolution Archives

Spartacist, the theoretical and documentary repository of the International Communist League (Fourth Internationalist), is published under the direction of the International Executive Committee in four languages. Spartacist is included in all subscriptions to ICL sectional press in the English, French, German and Spanish languages. See our literature list for contents and prices of recent issues of Spartacist.

Women and Revolution was the Journal of the Women's Commission of the Spartacist League/U.S. from 1971 through 1996. Now incorporated into Spartacist, Women and Revolution reflects our commitment to the fight for women's liberation through socialist revolution. National press of ICL sections also publish articles under the Women and Revolution masthead. Click here for complete list of English Women and Revolution articles available online.

Bound volumes of Spartacist English edition are available at in PDF and other formats:
Vol. 1, Issue Nos. 1 to 20, February-March 1964 to July 1971
Vol. 2, Issue Nos. 21 to 30, Autumn 1972 to Autumn 1980
Vol. 3, Issue Nos. 31-32 to 40, Summer 1981 to Summer 1987
Vol. 4, Issue Nos. 41-42 to 47-48, Winter 1987-88 to Winter 1992-93
Vol. 5, Issue Nos. 49-50 to 54, Winter 1993-94 to Spring 1998
Vol. 6, Issue Nos. 55 to 58, Autumn 1999 to Spring 2004



To Defeat Milei, Fight for National Liberation!

A Call to Frente de Izquierda

Spartacist Supplement, 19 January 2024


ICL Post-Debate Statement

Where Is the LFI Going?

(Includes video of debate)

Spartacist, 18 January 2024


Response of the ICL to IBT Open Letter

Spartacist Letter, 11 January 2024


The LFI Chooses Sectarianism

Spartacist Supplement, 3 November 2023


Only Death and Defeat with Hamas

A Revolutionary Road for Palestinian Liberation

Spartacist Supplement, 10 October 2023


The Breakdown of U.S. Hegemony & the Struggle for Workers Power

Spartacist English edition No. 68, September 2023


Ukraine War: IG Goes All In for Russia

Spartacist Supplement, 5 November 2022


World in Turmoil: The Trotskyist Answer

Spartacist English edition No. 67, August 2022


NATO/EU Aggression Provokes War in Ukraine

Ukrainian, Russian Workers: Turn the Guns Against Your Rulers!

Down With the EU and NATO!

Spartacist Supplement, 27 February 2022


NDP and Fake Socialists: Spearhead for Lockdowns and Crackdowns

Labour Must Defend the Truckers!

For Communist Opposition to the Government!

Spartacist Supplement, February 2022


Down With the Lockdowns!

The Working Class Must Defend Itself

Break with the Labor Traitors—Reforge the Fourth International!

Spartacist Supplement, April 2021


Spartacist English edition No. 66, Spring 2020


The Third Comintern Congress and the Struggle for Bolshevism

Spartacist Supplement, May 2018


Spartacist English edition No. 65, Summer 2017


Spartacist English edition No. 64, Summer 2014


Spartacist English edition No. 63, Winter 2012-2013


Spartacist English edition No. 62, Spring 2011


Spartacist English edition No. 61, Spring 2009


Spartacist English edition No. 60, Autumn 2007


Spartacist English edition No. 59, Spring 2006


Fourth ICL International Conference, Autumn 2003

The Fight for Revolutionary Continuity in the Post-Soviet World

Spartacist English edition No. 58, Spring 2004


Forty Years of Spartacist

"Toward Rebirth of the Fourth International"

Spartacist English edition No. 58, Spring 2004


The Origins of Japanese Communism, Debate over "Two-Stage Revolution" and the American Occupation

The Meiji Restoration: A Bourgeois Non-Democratic Revolution

Appendix: Historical Documents

Spartacist English edition No. 58, Spring 2004


Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Woman, Anti-Sex:

U.S./UN Crusade Against "Sex Trafficking"

Women and Revolution pages of Spartacist English edition No. 58, Spring 2004


Racism, Sexism, Religion and Anti-Muslim Bigotry

Women and Immigration in France

Women and Revolution pages of Spartacist English edition No. 57, Winter 2002-03


Statement of the International Communist League

Defend Iraq Against U.S. and Allied Imperialist Attack!

Issued 23 October 2002, reprinted in Spartacist English edition No. 57, Winter 2002-03


Rearming Bolshevism

A Trotskyist Critique of Germany 1923 and the Comintern

Spartacist English edition No. 56, Spring 2001


ICL Statement for Prague Protest Against IMF, World Bank

Smash Imperialist Exploitation Through World Socialist Revolution!

Issued 16 September 2000, reprinted in Spartacist English edition No. 56, Spring 2001


The Russian Revolution and the Collapse of Stalinism

The Bankruptcy of "New Class" Theories

Tony Cliff and Max Shachtman: Pro-Imperialist Accomplices of Counterrevolution

Spartacist English edition No. 55, Autumn 1999


Declaration of the International Communist League

Defeat Imperialism Through Workers Revolution-Defend Serbia!

All U.S./UN/NATO Troops Out of the Balkans! For a Workers Europe!

Issued 21 April 1999, reprinted in Spartacist English edition No. 55. Autumn 1999


For a Leninist-Trotskyist Party!

China on the Brink: Workers Political Revolution or Capitalist Enslavement?

Spartacist English edition No. 53, Autumn 1997


Afghanistan and the Left:

The Russian Question Point Blank

Hail Red Army!

Spartacist English edition No. 29, Summer 1980


The SWP and the Fourth lnternational, 1946-54:

Genesis of Pabloism

Spartacist English edition No. 21, Fall 1972